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Retro Review: Titanic

In retrospect, director James Cameron’s entire career points to Titanic. A dazzling compendium of the latest in special effects as well as a shrewdly conceived, sincerely played love story that fits snugly within the pivotal historic event that brought the […]

Review: The Turning

As conceptually audacious a work as has emerged from the Australian film industry, three-hour adaptation of beloved Aussie author Tim Winton’s thematically linked 2004 short story collection The Turning reps a contemporary triumph of outside-the-box narrative filmmaking from vet multi-hyphenate […]

Review: The Water Diviner

An often capriciously mixed cocktail of war film and familial, cross-cultural melodrama, The Water Diviner marks an ambitious if emotionally manipulative directing debut for Academy Award-winning box office draw Russell Crowe. As the titular Australian farmer who journeys to Turkey […]

Review: Satellite Boy

Straddling the worlds of Aboriginal traditions and western law with graceful wisdom, resonant generational drama Satellite Boy joins recent Australian films 10 Canoes, Samson & Delilah and The Sapphires in spotlighting the diversity of Indigenous stories and the power of […]

Review: Paper Planes

An energetic kids film that harnesses the interior logic of children’s minds to pleasing and inspiring effect, director Robert Connolly’s big-hearted Paper Planes is currently a solid box office hit Down Under and was selected to open the Generation Kplus […]

Review: Zach’s Ceremony

A perceptive, benevolent documentary about a contemporary and particularly high-stakes rite of passage from young adolescence to manhood, “Zach’s Ceremony” follows bright young Indigenous teenager Zacharias Doomadgee from the age of nine to 16 as he fends off prejudice in […]

Review: Thank You for Bombing

A trilogy of cautionary tales about the day-to-day lives and fateful decisions of frontline correspondents in Afghanistan comprises the affecting and well-made Austrian war drama Thank You for Bombing. Festivals including Toronto, Zurich and Thessaloniki have already feted director Barbara […]

Review: Red Christmas

Ozploitation weighs in on the abortion debate with “Red Christmas,” in which an unsuccessfully terminated and hideously deformed fetus returns two decades later to wreak havoc during his family’s already volatile Yuletide celebration. Starring and co-produced by horror icon Dee […]

Review: Embedded

A pair of good-looking, mysterious strangers ensconce themselves in a boutique hotel room and proceed go after each other sexually, verbally and psychologically in the taught, tartly written independently produced two-hander Embedded. The directorial debut of prolific and celebrated Australian […]

Editorial: A Brief History of Batman

As comic book cliffhangers go, it’s a corker: having just saved Lieutenant Gordon’s son from the evil clutches of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent and vanquished the crusading-district attorney-turned-demented-avenger in the process, Batman persuades the policeman to let him take the blame […]